The “Lost” found their Voices here.

Review by Karen Sasson



“Lost Angels” – as part of this year’s Planet Connections Theater Festivity – and how the characters revealed themselves to the audience. The play started with the students in a classroom and then led to a lock-down in the school. As the students were locked in the classroom they started opening to each other and reveal who they really are and why they became the way they are. They started to explain they’re past and secrets they never shared. Each student had a different problem for everyone in the audience to relate to. When I came into the theater I did not know what to expect but then later found myself laughing and getting emotional from the student’s stories.

The characters communicated well to the audience and made sure to get their point across. They allowed for the audience to feel and understand their stories based on what they revealed to us. Some characters were much more powerful – or powerfully written – which had a larger effect on me and made me feel more pity for them. For example, the girl who was the bully had an authoritative and a typical “bully” tone. They all interpreted and articulated their words clearly for the audience to understand – enhanced by accents and character traits. Overall, the characters voices were the voices of the people allowing me to relate to them from my personal life experience or from friends and family.


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