Strings: Tight & Tense

Review by Ashley khan

The power and intensity of Charles Curtis’ riveting piece, Strings, was palpable. The Fresh Fruit Festival – always presenting quantity works, surpassed itself with this play as a choice.


Set in a claustrophobic interrogation room, the audience is the people behind the two-way mirror during a harsh face-off between an accused vigilante and a lawyer. One might assume that the lawyer is the “good guy,” there to help. But its takes no time for playwright Curtis to show us his nihilistic view as both divulge criminality of equal portions. No one’s innocent after all.

John Cosentino as Derek, the lawyer; and Charvez Grant ​as the former detective, turned man living by his own law were compelling. Their powerful voices summon the tone needed to reach out to thew audience.  I’m sure I was not alone in feeling they were talking just to me.

Brilliant writing, strong characters played well, Strings speaks to us all – whether we want to hear it or not.


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