Turan Koyuncu reviews


At the Midtown International Theatre Festival


What does a transgender individual must go through to find love? Verbal abuse? Physical assault? Difficult Transition is more than a play – it’s an experience. It takes the audience through their journey. The ensemble cast was compelling. Keith Edward Maxwell as “the man” displayed a rich and deep tone and a vast array of emotions. The depth of feeling and physicality from sweat drenched moments to pause of coming to a cross-road, was totally believable. You found and felt his conflict in how to be a “straight” man. Mariana Genesio playing the “woman” started out a bit weak but built her momentum quickly finding her character well. As an actual transgender actress, Ms. Genesio joins a short list of artists in this arena – especially in drama.

difficulttrans1Playwright Kevin Clancy made it clear – via some expert writing – that it’s not what they have on the outside – even in terms of parts – as much as what go deep inside. Technically, there was some excellent use of lighting that would have been better with more liberal use of sound. This play will easily endure, as time goes on, as a shining example of the transgender experience.


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  1. Thanks so much for your review! Thanks also to my director Jen Yip for bringing my words and characters to life.


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