Muy Bueno

Altonya Longmore reviews DO YOU DREAM IN SPANISH
at the Fresh Fruit Festival 


Do you Dream in Spanish is based on a gay youth named Roberto who emigrated to New York from Mexico after his mother not only kicked him out for being gay, but worse… taking an interest in theater? He ran away to New York for a better life; a life like what he’s been seeing on TV, but that isn’t exactly what he experienced. He experienced reality. He was sleeping in the streets and had no family to turn to but after someone from a local church took him in, he regained hope and furthered his career in musical theater. He went to college and took an interest in other things like photography.

This play showed his journey from a fragile lonely little boy to an outgoing proud and confident man he is today. He talked and sang about his struggles and, by the emotion in his voice, you could tell that this was his real story.

It was like a musical documentary based on his personal life that he wanted to share with everyone because he believes that this will give us hope that our current situation doesn’t have to be our permanent situation if we strive for better. Things like racism came; or more like accidental racism. To clarify, people would say racist things but wouldn’t totally be aware of the damage being done. For instance, other interested gay men would say things like “I’ve never been with a Mexican dude” and having him feel like he was just another nationality on the list of dudes they’ve been with but some were just flat out rude. One guy said to him “I wouldn’t have hired you if I’d have known you were Mexican”. Hearing all the horrible things said did not in fact make the play feel gloomy at all. His voice was so energetic and upbeat that no one had time to be sad but to rejoice about the fact that things are much better now.

Spoiler: after years he reconnected with his parents. They came over for dinner and met his boyfriend and his mother said to him “Roberto, parents make mistakes too, we love you and we love your boyfriend.” It was amazing to see and hear.

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