Wide Awake

Turan Koyuncu reviews Wake Up Little Fag!
at the Midtown International Theatre Festival 


This very progressive work in the heart of New York introduces us to Jason, a new arrival, wanting to experience a new gay culture, different from where he was from.

Jason sufferers from Dissociative Identity or multiple personality disorder.

With that in mind we meet, Simon, his “other side” the corrupted side. Jason and Simon are both obsessed with drugs, which could mean that they also suffer from depression or anxiety. During this play, Simon explained how, in New York, no one cares who you really are. The plot of the story of Wake Up Little Faggot is complex with scattered pieces of information allowing the audience to puzzle and decide or theorize on what happens.

Zak Kelley who performed this solo play in Wake Up Little Fag was outstanding. He expressed acrimony in a way that was certainly believable. He paraded around the room and fidgeted with anxiety, slamming his hands in visible and real anger. He very closely interacted with the audience, asking questions. He gave us this feeling as if we were at the party scene. Not many plays do this and it what makes this play very unique.

As for the lights I adored on how they used different color lights for different side of personality. It showed us the audience who is who with his dissociative disorder. I enjoyed Wake Up, Little Fag. Zak Kelley performed the play exquisitely and absolutely entertaining.


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