Far-Out Fun with Mad Mel

mad-mel-saves-the-world-festival-logoReview of the Midtown International Theatre Festival production by Wrda Hussain
This musical comedy takes the old chestnut-sci-fi cautionary tale and flips it by making a tale of Simerics and their quest to save their galaxy FROM humans. The well-written script blends adventure, action, music and political satire into a well-developed production.MAD MEL SAVES THE WORLD cleverly directed by Erich Rausch took us on a journey to a galaxy, far far away, called Marradian where we follow the adventures of Mel Worthington (Michael A Green) and Simeric beings.

Michael A Green plays the role of Mel Worthington, a half simeric/half human being, who falls in love with Roni (Sage Melcher). Michael Green commanded the stage from the git-go. He handled the space/political humor brilliantly and looked great in his futuristic garb. Sage Melcher has a beautiful voice, lilting but powerful, traveling the galaxy of the audience well. Her guitar solo was a memorable and catchy tune. The costumes, in general, gave us the flavor of the show with just a hint of fashion commentary.  A nice make-up touch of facial markings could have fallen flat but provided a great deal of enhancement.

The break-neck pace of the show almost looked too much for some of the actors and the humor – at times – may have bordered on cliche, but in the end, MAD MEL proved to be a really enjoyable experience.

MAD MEL has great potential and the company of Mad Mel would be well-advised to look for a larger venue for its next incarnation. Galaxies are hard to convey on a small stage.


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