Bear Kosik’s Panic & Desire … dark and brilliant

Ashley Khan reviews BETWEEN PANIC & DESIRE

18588923_10154598405248873_8216713626114607501_oIt seems that this young man is in denial of what has happened. He believes rather than him being hospitalized his “sister” is being hospitalized. Reasoning for his beliefs is because he was in a car accident and now suffered a head injury. Imagining that he has two sisters , he goes into deep conversations with them; telling them everything that has happened from top to bottom. In reality he just doesn’t want to admit that this all happened. His doctor walks in asking who he was talking to and then confronts him about the accident happening to him not his made up sisters.

This was a fantastic and suspenseful piece. The ensemble cast created amazing characterizations filled with deep tone and enticing energy. The two sisters, especially, did amazing work. This play is a parable of daily life though a dark lens.

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