Dream Play

cdTuran Koyuncu reviews Caught Dreaming

Caught Dreaming directed by Sara Rademacher; written by Ryan Dancho, follows the lives of four members of a group therapy. Nick Webster as Judah goes through a serious mental illness and it has affected his relationship with his ex-wife and his child. Judah then tries to run away with Cindy his child to out of the country where they will be alone but instead this backfired completely.

The ensemble cast did a marvelous job and really utilize the big stage at Hudson Guild Theater. Hailee Drew’s portrayal of Cindy was well-thought out and young actress truly showed immense potential. Gabrielle Greer’s Elle was high-energy and frenetic when needed. And Nick Webster was chillingly realistic was the afflicted Judah.

Admirable use of sound effects in a coffee shop.

Caught Dreaming was truly a spectacular piece of theatre.

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