“Stepin” worth repeating

Wrda Hussain reviews Me and Stepin

ME-STEPINThis play follows the story of Richie McCall and his drive to become an actor. In this solo comedy, directed by Dathan Williams, we are told various stories and experiences faced by the actor each dealing with the  famous black actor named Stephen Fechter, an American comedian and film actor of the 1930s, who he’s always compared to wherever he goes.

The play is split into two arcs, the first showcases Richie McCalls life while the other takes us through Stephen Fletcher perspective on life. This production touches upon the idea of finding yourself in the world. Throughout the play, Richie is compared to Stephin and in some ways it’s degrading but in others it helps him acquire a place in the acting industry where he then can flourish and becoming someone out of it

Richie McCall shows a great deal of energy up on stage as well as being charismatic and humorous in telling a story that is both meaningful and appealing to its audience. The well-written, well-acted piece supplied us with vivid narrative and appropriate design elements. Richie was able to entice his audience with humor and charming personality to acquaint them on his journey to becoming an actor.


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