Forehead unstable

Not-StampedWrda Hussain reviews Natasha Cobbs production of It’s Not Stamped On Your Forehead

The play’s foundation is a therapy session where a conversation between a therapist, Sasha (Adetnuke Adetunji)  and her patient, Ann (Natasha Cobb) dealing with bipolar disorder. The play captures a broad generalization of a person dealing with bipolar disorder and the experiences they face. Throughout the play we see what Ann goes through and the conflict she faces with herself and her thoughts. This play brings awareness to bipolar disorder and helps its audience understand a person’s psychosis when dealing with this mental illness.

The actresses were able to play their roles that showcased the relationship between a therapist and her patient, however, some parts were a bit unconvincing and lacked realism. I found Adetnuke Adetunji acting to be a bit stiff and her dialogues were said in monotone which off-set the feeling of each scene. Natasha Cobs’ acting on the other hand was decent. Sometimes she seemed to be out of character and lacked proper emotion. The costumes were simplistic and suited the actors and the props, such as the prescription pills, were relevant to each scene.



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