A rousing Two Gents

Review by Altonya Longmore

Shakespeare’s Two Gentlemen of Verona is a clever rom-com about the grass being greener – or at least about other girls being lovelier. As with all of the Bard’s work, clever word-play and plot twists send us in varied directions only to circle back for a fine finish.


Michael Hagins’ production popped in some wild and brilliant sword-play with all that iambic word-play. Staging these turns along with the general stage pictures was the work of a master surely as seamless choreography seemed to play along with Shakespeare’s words.

Hagin’s setting and faithfulness to the text is laudable in this quick-like-a-bunny time. While it seemed as if the entire play was utilized, the time flowed quickly and with enough energy to keep the audience amused the whole time and giving us more than what we anticipated.

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