Energetic Energy Tale

Review by Ashley Khan

An Energy tale is a sci-fi play. It explains the damages we’ve caused to the world and what we could’ve done (instead to help). We are then brought to the future. A little girl named Sally is left to play with nothing but rocks. her new Whovian style friend, Dr. Science, than comes to her to show her how we lived 100 years ago. She tells Sally how bad use of energy destroyed us & that instead we could’ve used power for good.

Dr. Science (speaking the words of Anthony J. Piccone) sends us a powerful tale explaining how we took everything for granted and in order to make change we have to be the change.

This play was fantastic. It’s a way of shouting out to the people. Piccone wrote a bright, clever piece for kids and their need-to-hear-this-more parents. If we don’t act now this is what can happen. His clever prose catch the audience’s attention and handing it to a time-traveling host is not unique but always alluring. The idea of interacting with the audience was brilliant and always works well with theatre for young audiences, turning them into assistant conservationists (and potential theatre goers later in life).

It’s a way of giving us the feeling we are in the play too. Overall the set up and script was marvelous.


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