Hail Cesar! Ushering in UVX

UVX is a theatrical event including musical numbers with dance; video
feeds; audience-interactive events including car-chases, jousts,
gun-fights, paper airplanes, world tournaments, and – through an app called
LUX-DELUXE – VIP members of the audience can alter the course of events on
the stage and in the film. A group of alternate endings and sequences are
supplied to turn the film into whatever the audience that night desires,
AND that changes the live show as well.
Imagine … a different show every night … created by YOU.
That’s the Ultimate Viewing Experience
UVX runs from October 13 – November 5.
For further info, visit

Use PROMO CODE: SUBMIT when ordering and get 50% off all tickets

Cesar Brandi plays a movie house usher that dances, has a sword fight, battles robots, throws paper airplanes at the audience, and then sings in “UVX.”  


OK, you sold me, I’m going. Now …

Brooklyn Industries 1

Cesar, tell us about yourself as an actor: Being from Brazil and growing up in so many different countries, I feel like I definitely have an unique point of view as an artist here in the US. Acting to me is an opportunity to channel every experience you’ve ever had to service a story and to create a character. It’s incredibly therapeutic and insanely magical. I love it and I hope people are inspired by what I do as much as I am.

How was it to be part of a new “intermersive” experience. What’s different about it? Is this the wave of the future?: I am obsessed with immersive shows. I’ve probably watched a dozen different productions and they never cease to amaze me. I’m grateful to finally be a part of one, and it’s been as awesome as I thought it would be. I think this form of theater is definitely the next big thing because people are becoming more interested in interactive ways of entertainment. Everyone is so used to being able to do everything on their phones that they feel like they ought to have some sort of control over everything. An immersive show gives them exactly that. The perfect balance between fantasy and reality.

How do you imagine UVX will change the face of independent theater… or will it?: I am 100% honest when I say that I have not seen anything like UVX. Not only is the concept of our show unmatched by any other out there, it’s executed brilliantly and encompasses every single aspect of performance. It’s an otherworldly experience and I can’t wait for audiences to be able to witness it! I’m sure UVX will leave its unique mark on the Off-Broadway scene for a very long time.

What’s next for you?: I’m currently working on independent projects with Kaleidocircle Productions, a film production company I’m associated with. Film acting is a huge part of my career and you might see me in the big screen sometime next year!


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