32676624_1711600935583818_2718321699702439936_n.jpgReview by Michael D’Antoni

Anyone worldwide with a Facebook account can search other member pages in a pleasingly effort to view posted photos as well as read personal accounts and histories in order to get to know more about an individual and his or her overall life experiences.

So, as I did with Stephen Schulman’s Facebook page.

As I perused Mr. Schulman’s photo gallery I was struck with a very subtle reality that there was not one picture in his entire collage whereby at least one person was NOT smiling affectionately!

As one continues to scrolls down they begin to notice one central theme subliminally inherent in all of the photos that are posted. Each and every photo is warm, inviting and blissfully shines with an aura of love and affection as they blossom with images of nothing less than an outpouring of love and respect that everyone has, not only for each other, but collectively for Stephen as well!

Last night was all that and more! Upon entering the room one could not help but feel the love that filled the air!

32399241_1711616945582217_2729618747886141440_n.jpgThe entire evening was one big loving snap shot that enveloped every attendee and their emotions.

Aptly entitled the “We Love Stephen Benefit Concert” was a night full of love for a guy who has done so much for so many that many of his friends got together to give back to him in his time of need. You see, completely out of the blue, the very talented and energetic Stephen was diagnosed last October with stage 3 pancreatic cancer.

For this humble and highly regarded friend, voice coach and public relations persona, last nights gala fundraising event boasted many Broadway stars and internationally acclaimed performance artists who came to pay tribute and support such a wonderful man.

Performances reigned supreme last night as the evenings funny and charismatic emcee TYM MOSS guided us ever so smoothly through the entire evenings line up and also beautifully treated us to two songs one being the funny yet tear jerking Streisand Classic “Don’t Rain in My Parade”.
Other very noteworthy performances were REBECCA WILCOX-BILBREY who soulfully poured her heart out singing Cyndy Lauper’s classic “Time After Time” then she smoothly segued to the Oleta Adams classic “Get Here”. MELISSA JONES captured the audience with her vibrant charm as she sung her rendition of  My Fair Lady’s “I Could Have Danced All Night”. America’s Got Talent most favorite group THE GLAMAZONS pleased us with two very unforgettable numbers while the very energetic JOSH ZUCKERMAN had the audience on their feet whilst he fiddled & sang Charlie Daniels Band’s “The Devil Went Down to Georgia”.  Drag sensation REVEREND YOLANDA made us all cry while she tugged at our heart strings performing an original piece entitled “We Are All Angels”. JEANIE SHUBITZ exquisitely performed a perfectly orchestrated Judy Garland Medley. If one closed their eyes they could just see Judy! The evening would not have been complete without the stand up comedic jokes of JAYSON CROSS who had everyone in stitches!
Other notable cast members were; ARBENDER ROBINSON  (Book of Mormon); LAUREN BLACKMAN (Anastasia); SYKE MATTOX (Carousel)
Giving back both personally and professionally at last night’s gala event seemed effortless by all who performed and attended. Last night was a exceptional evening for it was simply awe inspiring to be part of an event whereby so many special people came out to share their talent for someone they all truly adore and support!

But, the spirit of last night does not have to end there.

Let’s continue to capture those magical moments as I urge my readers to find the time to click on the links below and if you are able, help with this most amazing cause.

The link for the online auction is: https://www.biddingowl.com/Auction/home.cfm?auctionID=14610 (Extended through Friday May 18th at midnight.)

The link for our GoFundMe page where anyone can donate is: https://www.gofundme.com/helping-stephen-fight

Thanks for all those who participated!

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