Turning Purple with laughter



Review by Michael D’Antoni

Historically western civilizations have associated the color of purple with nobility and the aristocracy. It is also known for its aura and richness as it contributes to creative and magical powers. “Randy Writes a Novel” is all these things and more! First rate creativity; magically adventurous & pure “blue blood” (or purple shall we say) comedic theater!

Randy is nothing less than uproariously side spitting funny!
Hilarious to the point of cheek biting! Yes, cheek biting, whereby you need to bite your cheek in order to STOP yourself from laughing,so you don’t miss the next bout of hilarity.

This most lovable and adorably bald purple felt character steals your heart the first minute he opens his mouth. And with his porcelain white romantic eyes and playful gestures Randy effortlessly moves from one subject matter to another with much ease, grace and pure comic genius!

Enlivened by puppetry; quixotic in his remarks, Randy lovingly owns every member of the audience! We were all putty in his hands! With great command of timing this one man (or shall I say puppet) show is equal to (if not superior to) any accomplished award winning solo performance. Simply put, Randy is at home on stage and in front of an live audience and it clearly shows!

Perched behind his desk, floor cluttered with reference books and discarded crumpled drafts, Randy, in his 80 minute performance openly chats with audience members as he relates numerous personal anecdotes and stories, all in an effort to seek refuge behind his procrastination about verbally sharing part (if not all) of his new literary venture with his guests. Randy beautifully and blissfully tap dances every contemporary issue imaginable, all in an effort not to bashfully reveal the words on the pages of his very first novel!

“Randy Writes a Novel” is pure comic genius and should not be missed! Hemingway would most assuredly approve….inside joke see the show!
Randy is only in NYC till June so catch him at The Clurman Theatre at Theater Row before he flies off back to Down Under for some well deserved R&R!


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