Explosive Cast

unnamed (1).jpgThe Nuclear Plays by Anthony P. Pennino

Planet Connections Theatre Festivity @ The Theaters of the Clemente

107 Suffolk Street New York City (btw Rivington & Delancey)

7/12 @6:15pm; 7/14 @3:15pm; 7/15 @1pm; 7/20 @6:15pm; 7/22 @3pm; 7/26 @8:15pm

Review by Jade Fernandez


Anthony P. Pennino’s production of The Nuclear Plays told the story of Nuclear attack survivors from Hiroshima and Nagasaki during WWII to New York City during 9/11. Allen, Ashlei, Joseph, Spencer, Samantha, and Michael all helped keep them alive by telling their story and not letting them be forgotten. Most of them lost their parents from diseases caused by the Nuclear bomb. Others even lost their children who weren’t even alive to experience the attack but got handed down “broken genes” from a Nuclear attack that happened years ago. It was clear that Nuclear weaponry had ruined people’s lives, but nowadays we seem to forget that those people in Hiroshima and Nagasaki could soon be us and if we don’t act to abolish Nuclear weapons, we’ll have to pay the price and so will are children, that is if we even live that long to have any. Without action it will never stop. Children will be dying all over again, adolescents will be stripped of their eyesight, mothers and fathers will no longer be mothers and fathers. This topic is important. It is necessary.

Keeping alive the memory of Nuclear attack survivors was one of the smartest things they could have done to reach the heart of the audience. They used real statements made by real people. By using simply that, the actors convinced me. The use of Nuclear weaponry needs to come to an end! However, they didn’t just convince me. They entertained me as well. I loved how they included dancing and singing. It was nice to watch and easy on the eyes and ears. There were also comedic aspects that were added through costumes and spoken words. There’s nothing better than the use of comedy to lighten the mood, especially when dwelling on such sad and serious topics.

I was very impressed with the cast of The Nuclear Plays. I really enjoyed watching this play. I learned so much and am filled with the desire to change things.


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