A Flight of Fancy

RayGunSayonara-300x300.jpgRay Gun Sayonara at Planet Connections

Review by Alexa Garcia

On July 16th, I was able to attend the featured reading of Ray Gun Sayonara at the Planet Connections Theatre Festivity. The production was written by Steven Mark Tenney and co-directed by Susan Tenney and Steven Mark Tenney. The production told the story of how decades ago the advanced Nadirians had placed a truly good immortal being on earth while trapping the evil twin to a distant planet. However, the Earth continued to decline, and it was inferred that there was a mix-up between the twins and a mission is sent to extract the good twin. An intriguing and uncommon plot that was great to watch – and in the case of a reading – great to listen. However, don’t look at your program! Tenney offers enough twists and turns that a moment away and you are lost forever.

As with all good staged readings, the script seemed to vanish quickly and the play unveiled itself without obstacle. The cast was outstanding and expressive in this fantastical piece. Credit to Yukari Osaka, Michelle Tsai, Jenna Vezina, Brian Linden, Dan Chen, Joel Little, and Alexa Elmy as stand-outs. They danced, sang, and hit the laughter spots well. Excellent use of music as well.

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