Tiz a Brute part of him to kill so capital a calf!

unnamed (13).jpgThe Brutes written by Casey Wimpee

Planet Connections Theater Festivity @The Clemente, 107 Suffolk Street, NYC

Review by Jade Fernandez

Casey Wimpee brings us a play that follows the once famous Booth family and their stormy relationship. In this play we see the Booth brothers, Edwin Booth and John Wilkes Booth put their differences aside for once and try to perform on the same stage. The brothers are putting on a production of William Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar to raise money so that they can put a statue of Shakespeare’s in Central Park. The play takes place in 1864 during the week of Thanksgiving and just before the Booth family name was ruined as we know, John Wilkes Booth went down in history as the man who assassinated president Abraham Lincoln.

The Booth brothers are played by Adam Belvo, (also the producer) and John Hardin. The play also includes Brennan Gallagher, Becca Musser, Harlan Short, and Mary-Anne Elizabeth Wright as the brutes. The show is directed by Sara Fellini who also designed costumes/props. Very impressive. The lighting design was by John Salutz; fight choreography was done by Adam Belvo and Becca Musser, and the stage manager is Jake Gilford.

Sara Fellini’s casting was as stunning as her production scheme. The acting was very believable, and pulled the audience into the story.

The lion’s share of the play is written in Shakespearean language, which can be tricky for those not used to its sound.  Over all it was a fun and interesting night of theater.

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