Brilliant 4$tages

37200813_10212727785129747_7239269752248467456_n.jpg4$tages written by Anthony J. Piccione

Planet Connections Theater Festivity @The Clemente, 107 Suffolk Street, NYC

Reviewed by Jade Fernandez


Wow, just wow! That’s all I could say after watching Anthony J. Piccione’s production of 4$tages. An abstract, movement-based piece that puts a spotlight on some of the most relevant issues facing America today. Some of those issues include corruption, inequality of wealth, police brutality, and of course greed. Everything is about money these days. We work for money. We lie for money. We live for money. This production showcases how easily influenced we are by the idea of wealth and how we are so quick to hurt others just to obtain it. We get to see how America got to where it is today through these methods.

The cast includes Shana Danielle Casey, Mikaeli Cruz, Silvia Dionicio, Elena du Pisanie, Monica Howe, Jessica Lee, Finty McBain, Rita McCann, Niamh Ryan, Victor Steel, Shane Zimmerman. Director Jamil Chokachi, and house manager Carla Burbano all rounded out a great team!

The play was a bit frightening and I could see some audience members gripping their partners a little tighter. Unfortunately, I made the mistake of going alone. Don’t go alone. You’ll want someone to share the experience with. Although it was a little scary at the beginning, it was extremely intriguing. I found myself very interested to see where the play was going and how it would end. This production had a big effect on me. After watching it, I was ashamed to be a part of this country we call “Land of the Free and Home of the Brave.” We aren’t free at all or brave for that matter. This production sparks conversation and inspires change. 4$stages is a must watch for young adults since they are the future of this country. Hopefully with the help of this production, today’s youth will lead the country to becoming a little freer and a whole lot braver.

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