Dark Mirror

IMG_7913.jpgGirl Inside The Mirror By Nicoletta Mandriotti
Planet Connections Theatre; The Clemente, The Latea
107 Suffolk St, New York, NY 10002
Review by Alexa Garcia

Girl inside the mirror is a short dance/movement-based surrealist piece that dives into the macabre subconscious of a Latin American girl. We follow her down a parallel world where all her ghosts and shadows from her past remain it is the core of her most vulnerable side. She must choose to either face them or through the voice/presence of her inner child, or let them destroy her.

This dark and visually stunning piece is written and directed by Nicoletta Mandriotti and choreographed by Stacy Grossfield. The performers, expertly creating a spine-chilling mood, included Cemre Su Salur (Girl), Tatiana Ronderos (little girl), Victoria Ric (Woman in Black dress 1), Antonia-Sophia Scholz (Woman in Black dress 2), Melissa Monconduit (Ensemble), Cat Grey (ensemble), Franlis Rodriguez (ensemble), Marissa Graham (ensemble), Charon Scerra (ensemble), and Carly Pecora (ensemble).

To build such mood and story in an initiate space is a tribute to Mandriotti and her team. Aside from the mood, this piece is written with enough leeway for interpretation making it accessible to anyone. My own was that the writer was trying to tell us about how the past, if not dealt with, will forever haunt us… maybe even destroy us.

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