To Be Or Not To Be

preggo-5298 (1).JPGPregnant Pause By Kathleen Jones
Planet Connections Theatre, The Clemente, The Latea
107 Suffolk St, New York, NY 10002
Review by Alexa Garcia

Pregnant Pause asks the question: what happens when a soon-to-be mother gets cast in a Broadway show.

Essie (a bravura performance by Amie Cazel), a successful actress with a happy marriage, doesn’t completely hate the idea of having a baby. In fact she warms to it until she learns she’s been offered a chance to appear in a Broadway play. Things get more complicated when she discovers the baby has a serious genetic disorder AND [of course] opening night is on her due date. Now she must rethink her life’s work, worth, and the future of her family as she faces her past choices.

Pregnant Pause benefits Women In Need and is written by Kathleen Jones, directed by Maureen Monterubio, and presented by Good Pilgrim. Amie Cazel gives a stunning, high-energy performance making it look like many actors were up there with her.

The production aims to demonstrate on how women struggle with age, motherhood, and dreams. This piece opens deep conversations. Pregnant Pause educates as well as entertains.

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