My Cousin, Sal



The Head Hunter

By Mark Borkowski
Planet Connections Theatre
The Clemente, The Flamboyán
107 Suffolk St, New York, NY 10002
Review by Alexa Garcia

A screenwriter and his mobster cousin are forced to deal with the mess that tore their family apart. Casmir, a screenwriter, has signed a contract giving up his exclusive rights of his screenplay to a sleazy Hollywood producer. The Screenplay, a biopic, contains truths about Sal’s father. He confesses what he has done to his cousin, Salvatore, a hit man for the mob. The two cousins are forced to deal with the haunting past issues.

The production is benefiting St. Jude’s Hospital. Written powerfully by Mark Borkowski and directed with an eye for pacing and depth by David Zayas Jr. the production gave us the drama the subject matter required. The two actors were like a real family (that too was in another show in Planet Connections), playing off of each other as if they’d been to Sunday dinners for decades. Raw emotion and tour-de-force showings abounded from Ali Arkane (Salvatore) and Scott McCord (Casmir).


The production teaches the audience that family should not fall apart and instead we should solve any issues we have, protect each other, and love each other because you never know what happens. The production also can teach to stand up for yourself.


Just try to do it legally.

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