Way-Out and Well-Done WYSIWYG


Written by:April Alsup & Evan Duggan

Planet Connections Theater Festivities

Theaters at the Clemente

107 Suffolk Street

July 28,2018

Review by:Veronica Romero


WYSIWYG concerns a trans-individual who goes by April and all she wants is for people to accept her choice of being a woman and not seeing it as something weird. April goes on a dating and chatting website online and just talks all day with a guy named Chuck but isn’t going to reveal to him that she’s trans. It showed us April’s plight and the plight of those who now must live in another reality. This play taught us many lessons such as being different is okay, do what makes you comfortable and not caring what others think about you.

The company did an amazing job with this engaging piece. Musicals can be difficult – especially in an off-off Broadway setting and budget – but Thomas Llalaole (April), Randy Chalmers as Carl , Brandon Bill as Mark and lastly Jessica Sotwick as Denise took on a well-sung/ well-acted ride. My favorite character is Denise. She dealt with a trans-husband and building a new liufe. Her on-stage journey was simply virtuoso.

WYSIWYG was that it was an amazing play with lessons we should all take in of being different and doing what makes us happy. It can be challenging but it will all work out at the end of the day. Y’know, just like in a musical.

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