a war parable told by people with nothing beneath their feet

Stars_Icon-300x300.jpgSTARS OUT OF BALANCE

Written By: Lynda Crawford

Directed By: Terry Greiss

Theater: LATEA Theater @ The Clemente

Address: 107 Suffolk Street – New York, NY

Dates of Show: Wed 8/1 @ 3:00pm

Review by: Nusrat Ria Hossain


“Stars Out of Balance” is a stage reading of a family of acrobats who fight to keep traditions in a cold brutal war. In the play, Armand the grandfather of young Sara fights to keep their tradition of doing acrobats. In their family, they are the 6th generation to continue this lifestyle. Acrobatics gives their life purpose and helps them keep fighting the cold brutal world. However, as the war gets worse the family faces many conflicts that come in the way of continuing their acrobatic skills. Things get so brutal that someone even steals her pet dog to eat for survival.

This play overall brought a lot of emotions although it was just a stage reading. The characters were brought to life with great finesse by Zsofia Kozma as Nima, Sara’s friend. John Montague as Armand Zarka aka the grandfather. Rivka Rivera as Elena Zarka, Sara’s beautiful mother. Whom has an ongoing conflict with Marco Zarka her brother, who is played by Fidel Vicioso. Sound design and music was by Hollis Headrick. Stage manager was Camilo Ramirez, house manager was Kevin Costigan and finally Lynda Crawford as Playwright with Reba Mehan responsible for acrobatic moves and illusions.

The book disappeared in this well-directed (by Terry Greiss) staged reading. But the brilliance of the book did not. Crawford’s prose and mathematical juxtaposition of a war parable with those who have nothing beneath their feet as their living was masterful. I imagined children in Palestine and Israel. It is horrible that innocent families must get caught up in the politics of conflict. This deserves a full run … to spread awareness!


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