Best. Party. Ever


IRTE’s Season Opener: Tammy’s Bachelorette Party

Review by Rebecca Benedict

If you have ever dreamed of walking into a party and you are treated like “Everybody Knows Your Name, and they’re always glad you came” this is the show for you (yes that was a shameless “Cheers” reference).

The show/ improv party is set at a Bennigan’s in New Jersey and it’s just like you would imagine a stereotypical bachelorette party to be: penis decorations, drunk ladies, an awkward in-law and an over-the-top bride who is handsy with the stripper!

Upon arrival, I was greeted by actors pretending they had known me my whole life; cake was served and an improvised romantic comedy unfolds! The waitress is outstanding and the stripper is quite possibly the best! I had so much fun and the actors made me feel comfortable and completely involved. I’d recommend it to anyone looking to try something interesting and a little out of their comfort zone because you will get asked questions, possibly brought into some games and treated like this is a party where the actors know you!

If you go, bring a friend, but don’t be afraid to bring a crew and it’s OK to have a buzz on upon arrival! I recommend the front row and to bring cash to get a drink at the bar right there before you enter the theater.

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