SPOTLIGHT: Leasen Almquist on “Surviving the Rosenthals”

“I have had a great long journey in the career of showbiz. I have traveled around the world performing, Leasen Almquist said with the voice of a seasoned pro, “Seeing different cultures has only enriched my ability to tell stories,” she added.

This triple-threat also boast working the other side of the table as a choreographer, casting supervisor, and even director. She pointed out that understanding all ends of the biz has influenced her work great. “And I still study all of the time, everyday,” she was sure to add, then she paused and looked into the didsatance as if seeing her career then, now, and beyond, and said, “the learning never ends.”

SURVIVING THE ROSENTHALS featuring Almquist, introduces us to songwriter Sammy, who enters therapy to heal himself and break free of the childhood shackles, brought on by his overbearing father, that still stifle him as an adult. The musical takes a surreal twist as Sammy meets – Sammy! Adult Sam meets 10-year-old Sammy in a battle to save himself.

Directed by Andrea Andresakis with Jackson Walker as assistant director, the production’s musical director is Kevin David Thomas. The cast includes Jacob Alexander Simon, Jess Kantorowitz, Molly Samson, Leasen Beth AlmquistJohn WeigandPeter Sullivan, Marissa LaRuffa, Sam I Nackman, and Kaian Lilien (casting by Robin Carus Casting)

Emily Hardy & Adam Samtur stage manage; set is designed by Kis Knekt; lighting director is Will Elphingstone; with Russ DeSalvo, pre-recording producer.

The show is premiering at Teatro Latea, 107 Suffolk St, New York City for three performances only: Tuesday, May 3 @ 9 PM; Wednesday, May 4 @ 6:30 PM; Saturday, May 7 @ 4:30 PM.

We wanted to hear more about Leasen Almquist, so we asked her!

What attracted you to this play?

I am thrilled to have the opportunity to participate at the beginning of a project ! I’m excited that I  have been entrusted to create & collaborate on developing the authors art and help bring it to life. It’s a subject that most artists can connect with, we all have experienced life’s growing pains. 

What is your creative process in creating a (new) character?

When working on any character, I draw from my own experiences. I search for common traits, emotions , and physicality and explore experiences that I share with the character. I also enjoy working with the director to help figure out specific nuances that can propel the character forward and further and tell the authors story.

This is a “serious topic”.  Do you find a deeper responsibility in doing such a show?

Yes . I personally can relate to the subject matter. I remember similar times and situations in my life.  I  recall how I responded and how working through those situations got me to where I am today . I hope to be able to inspire anyone who has found themselves emotionally hurt by family, friends, strangers, and offer them some hope.

Whats’s next for you?

The world is my oyster ! I am ready for any artistic project that God has planned for me. The passion I have for showbiz is as natural and consistent as my heartbeat.

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