Ian Duhart: Rising to the Challenge

Interview by JEN BUSH

“As an artist I feel I’m always willing to experiment. I’m a performer who loves to give his all to characters/shows. I tend to be very upbeat,” says Ian Duhart. he obviously loves to give his all to characters/shows.  He’s giving his all in Kenneth Lonergan’s Tony Awards-winning play, LOBBY HERO, being revived as part of City Gate Production’s 2022 season. LOBBY HERO is revived as part of City Gate Production’s 2022 season

City Gate is the new production company in the borough of Queens, performing at The Moose Lodge Theatre, 7215 Grand Avenue, Maspeth, Queens. Directed by Thom Harmon (assisted by Rich Feldman) and produced by Regina Fischedick and Tim Reifschneider, the show runs April 29 – May 8. Click HERE for tickets 

When Jeff, a luckless young security guard, is drawn into a local murder investigation, loyalties are strained to the breaking point. As Jeff’s tightly wound supervisor is called to bear witness against his troubled brother, and an attractive rookie cop finds she must stand up to her seasoned partner, truth becomes elusive and justice proves costly.

Ian and I sat down for a moment and I got to hear about his career and artistic contributions.

What drew you to this project? 
I’ve never done a straight play before, and wanted to challenge myself, and I can say mission accomplished 

What is your creative process? 
I try to never have a preconceived notion about a character. I always try to find bits of myself in the character so it always carries an air of realness to it. 

What’s so good about off off Broadway/indie theater? 
It helps you know you’re getting closer to your dream (if you dream of broadway) To me it feels a little more welcoming, and can be a great canvas to learn to create masterpieces on

It’s obvious the world is steadily reopening. What do you feel is different now than before
pandemic? Another thought: what should be different now than before pandemic? 

I feel there’s a bit more of need, and want to cleanliness. Also not being to perform for so long I feel lit fires inside of new performers, and reignited the flame for seasoned vets. The world realized how important we artists are.

Another thought: what should be different now than before pandemic? 
Definitely more self care, awareness, and more diligence to create safe,clean spaces for performers, and spectators alike!

What’s next for you?
Nothing set in stone yet, but trying get my career up and running. More auditions and getting back into streaming 

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