Lisa Shalom Words-on-Film: Beauty and the Peaced

Review by Jen Bush

Lisa Shalom’s is a superior poet who has taken the art of the spoken word to new heights spoken word and cultivated it into a unique artform.  This humanitarian also uses her skillful talents in a therapeutic manner facilitating deeper self-expression in youths and adults through classes and workshops and continues to be called upon to create spirited and engaging videos where the spoke word is as much a visual element as the cinematography itself.

 Ms. Shalom created three music videos.  As a testament to her versatility, these three videos by the same person could not be more different.

The final installment of this three-part series is Beauty and the Peaced and should be required viewing for every world leader. 

It’s a very impactful video about the ugliness of war and the need for and logic of peace.  This video was shot in Israel, Palestine and Egypt.  The locations are stunning. The video begins with happy children playing outdoors.  We suddenly hear a few seconds of an air raid siren and almost immediately after that, some upbeat Middle Eastern music begins to play.  We then see Ms. Shalom as she dazzles us with her spoken word creation about peace.  Ms. Shalom enlisted a vast amount of individuals, young and old to share in this universal message of peace by lip syncing her words.  In her own words, “The mosaic of individuals featured here are sovereign voices expressing a unified intention.”  This was a beautiful and inspiring touch.  All the individuals gave an emotional performance full of expression only second to Ms. Shalom’s artistry.

The herculean effort to produce this video is evident in the quality.  Between the breathtaking cinematography and the expert editing, it’s a winner.  The message was lovingly crafted by a skilled poet.  Ms. Shalom has chosen to use her artistic gifts to convey strong positive messages in a beautiful, creative, and compelling manner.

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