ERVIN VAZQUEZ is magical.

ERVIN VAZQUEZ Interview by Jen Bush

It won’t be an illusion when you see Ervin Vazquez in Existence.  In fact, his performance may be quite magical since he’s skilled in the art of prestidigitation.  “My main art is magic I started learning magic when I got my first full time job, it was a boring desk job. I would read magic books on the train and my lunch break.  I would practice on the train ride to and from work.  I think magic and theater share things in common, like needing very little to leave a lasting impression.” 

Artists are drawn to works for a myriad of reasons.  Mr. Vazquez’s heroic endeavor caused him to rethink his participation in this production in a positive way.  “It’s easier to tell you what kept me from running away. Doing our first read through of the play it dawned on me the type of themes that are touched upon in the play and I felt weary if I could live up to the directors expectations.  On my way home I just so happen to come across a women attempting to take her life with medications.  I coincidentally happened to have Narcan in my bag and was able to save that woman’s life. This harrowing/triumphant experience with a total stranger approaching deaths door has had me thinking about life and what it all means

Subject matter dictates performance choices but not the performance itself.  Regardless of the gravity of the subject matter such as that contained in Existence, Mr. Vazquez will make sure that his performance is of the highest quality.  The only thing I have a sense of responsibility for is making sure the plight of the subject matter has no effect on my performance.  I feel an actor should be impartial with their performance and let the audience take from it what they will 

The pandemic changed life as we know it and some things need to be different and better.  “Health is a major public concern and there shouldn’t be chaos in the health system. The way people think about time needs to change.  We need to not think with the time we have left but all the time there is. Adopt a dogma centered around delayed gratification.”

After the play, Mr. Vazquez will be taking some time to nurture his mind, body, and soul.  “What’s next for me is the pursuit of better health both mentally and physically as well as taking myself out on an artist date.”  Let’s hope he doesn’t “disappear” for too long. 

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