Amy Losi: Celebrated and decorated – but this is her first BARD!

Amy Losi Interview by Jen Bush

Amy Losi will be making merry this summer as a cast member of Shakespeare’s The Merry Wives of Windsor.  This accomplished professional with many wonderful roles under her belt is also a playwright.  “I’m very grateful to have played a broad range of roles over the past twenty-two years. I love to play against type or be challenged to stretch as an actor. I enjoy comedy and drama—and alternating between the two. I’m also a playwright. I’ve written seven plays to date and garnered several awards. I’ve written some of the roles for myself so that I can have opportunities that a casting director might not offer.”

Ms. Losi has played many wonderful and interesting roles, but this is her first go around with The Bard. “This is my first Shakespearean play – other than playing Juliet in a scene study class in college. I’m excited for the opportunity, especially since it’s a comic and merry role.”

There is always an abundance of Shakespeare productions happening in the summer.  Ms. Losi has a theory as to why which makes perfect sense.  “Perhaps audiences see Shakespeare as a midsummer night’s dream!”

What actor doesn’t want a little Shakespeare on their resume?  That in itself is a reason to take on a project of that kind.  When you also have the opportunity to work with a great cast and play a fun cunning character, it seems like a no brainer.  “I was drawn to The Merry Wives of Windsor for several reasons—the chance to finally add Shakespeare to my resume, the opportunity to play a comic role in a classic play, and to work with a great company of actors and friends. Mistress Ford gets to teach her jealous husband and Falstaff a lesson – “I know not which pleases me better, that my husband is deceived, or Sir John.” The merry wife outsmarts the men!”

Ms. Losi finds every aspect of theatre and actors inspirational.  “I’ve been a loyal theatre goer for over sixty years. So many great actors have inspired me, theatre inspires me, and entertaining an audience inspires me. The play’s the thing!”

Character analysis and development is a crucial aspect of Ms. Losi’s creative process.  “I have to find the character and understand her first before I can become the character.

When I can think like the character and picture how she talks, dresses, walks, then I know I’ve found her.”

The pandemic hit every industry hard including theatre.  Actors and audiences are navigating tremendous differences made to live entertainment.  The change that needs to stick is being cognizant of health risks and taking proper precautions.  “Everything is different—and staying healthy is paramount. Audiences need to wear their masks, and actors must keep self-testing so that we don’t make each other sick. I’m not sure where we go from here or if the world is changed forever.”

After being very busy on the stage this year, Ms. Losi is going to enjoy the offerings of the summer and perhaps return to the stage in the fall in a work of her very own.  “This is my third play of 2022 – grateful for the work but ready for a small break. I’m hoping to return in September, perhaps in one of my own plays. I love writing and I would be fine focusing on playwrighting for a while.”

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