Come to Vegas with Brian Alejandro

Part II of Jen Bush’s exposé on legendary cabaret icon, Brian Alejandro

Mr. Alejandro created his show using experiences with performers he interacted with over the years and has the desire to reach both the younger generation and the older generation.  “I based this particular show on many of the stylish entertainers of the time period 50s, 60s, 70s, some who I met through work, introductions, parties, and sometimes it was just a matter of being at the right place and at the right time.  My parents played a role in it as well because they were very elegant and always played this type of music in our home, though they weren’t gamblers (lol). I also wanted to introduce this sound and style to the younger generation and that’s why I tell the stories so that they have some knowledge as to who the original artists were. It also lets the older audience know that their stories are being told and that they are not forgotten. Music and the venues have changed so much over the years and the older population doesn’t have a chance to relive their own memories.”

 There was an air of mystery about the first show.  Luckily, it went well.  “You could feel the electricity and excitement in the air. I don’t think people knew what to expect. They didn’t know if I was really going to tell stories, which I did or sing, which I did. Some people didn’t even know I could sing or had met many entertainers, some of whom are no longer here.”

There have been numerous changes to the entertainment industry over the years having to do with technology, style, audience preferences and artist attitude.  In Mr. Alejandro’s opinion, many of these changes are not positive.  “Recording has changed immensely. The singers back in the day did not need auto tuning. Technology has changed how records are made. These days the younger generation do not buy records or CDs, and they barely know what a cassette is. A lot of the music and styling is geared towards the youth, whether they sing well or not. The industry overall is no longer glamorous but more garish. There is an obsession of everyone wanting to be blonde, even if the look may not suit you. The dress code today is just about non-existent. In addition, many entertainers are not inclined to interact with their fans, nor sign pictures or answer questions. Performers used to be more personable. I always sign pictures, or take pictures with them and thank each person for coming to my shows.”

The lockdown impacted everyone in some way or another.  Mr. Alejandro kept things in a positive light.  “I tried to refocus my energy and envision positive things happening for me in the future. I also learned new songs and tried to practice a little each day. Having lost  so many people during the AIDS crisis it gave me a chance to compare people’s reactions toward COVID and AIDS. In comparison, the population at large had no empathy for people with AIDS and didn’t want to talk about it because many thought that it couldn’t happen to them, so the moral of the story is that anything can happen to anyone at any time; live life to the fullest and don’t judge.”

Since Mr. Alejandro got his start on a cruise ship, it would be fitting for him to once again hit a high C on the high seas.  He’s not sure what’s next but he should be saying Viva Las Vegas in no time!  “I have to procure a manager and I am not sure how to go about that. I wouldn’t mind singing on a cruise ship, or a stint in Vegas. I am trying to leave all opportunities and hope something will present itself at the right time.”

Watch a spirited interview with Brian on Triversity Talk with Wendy Stuart & Tym Moss

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