Anthony Goss talks “SOLEDAD”

Interview by Jen Bush

Anthony Goss will be portraying Brother/Angel in the powerful new prison drama opening soon called Soledad.  This avid sports fan came to The Big Apple by way of Beantown.  “I am an artist born and raised in Boston. My way into the arts came after my love of sports, which I relate to my art in some ways. I see myself and my work as a reflection of those who came before me and honoring that work in my creative process and the stories I wish to tell. I have an open mind to new ideas and types of work, but always centered on who I am and the impact.”

Mr. Goss’s creative process involves immersion, music and serendipity.  “I enjoy reading new work and getting into the world. Sometimes I listen to music of the day, if it is a period piece, like Soledad. I Immerse myself in the work but allow for complete randomness and discovery. Like water flowing to a stream.”

Mr. Goss was drawn to this compelling new production for many reasons.  “I tend to be attracted to period pieces or work that highlights our culture and nuances.

Soledad is a new work and challenge in the text, so I wanted to explore that side of me.”

A show with serious subject matter sometimes makes an artist feel an added sense of responsibility to portray the material in a more sensitive manner.  Mr. Goss feels an overall sense of responsibility as an artist toward the work and toward the audience.  “I always feel a sense of responsibility as a creator/artist whenever someone’s taking the time to view your art. I want to be a part of meaningful work but also have fun, but the sense of gratitude and purpose is always at the forefront. Especially when telling someone else’s story.”

Though Covid is not over, theatre has returned.  Zoom has pros and cons but Mr. Goss is happy to interact with other artists in person again.  “I personally am glad the Zoom performance is over, but there are some benefits to it as far as rehearsal and meetings.”   

Mr. Goss has some ideas about what theatre might look like post-covid.  “I love theatre and what it means to our society.  I believe theatre will be stronger and bolder than ever, and technology will be a key component to telling future stories on stage.

After SOLEDAD, Mr. Goss will welcome a fresh new project that comes his way.  “I’m excited for the work to come as an actor in film/stage and new projects I wrote.  Stay tuned.”

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