Fresh Fruit’s “Funeral” is Fabulous

katzTricia Brooks’ production of “See You at the Funeral” captures the essence of a life lived by your own terms. This dark solo musical comedy is split into three acts, the first act being about a girl named Dina, who escapes her home to avoid religious and traditional values forced on her by her mother. Each song is sung as a means to express her views on various matters concerning moral issues faced by each individual. In the second act we are presented with Medusa, a Greek goddess who has the ability to turn people into stone, and her need to feel wanted and connected to her audience. The last and final act shows an old woman named Gittel who speaks about the afterlife and her views on it. This production plants an alarming thought into the minds of its audience which I believe is that we all do things in our life that disobey the moral conduct of things, but in the end we carry that burden on us, we carry it to our funeral.

Tova Katz miraculously plays three different roles all of which are completely different. When playing Dina she accurately represents a Texan girl speaking with a spot-on Texan accent whilst singing and playing various instruments such as the guitar and the piano. When playing Medusa she tap dances in a rhythmic pattern hitting on every beat of the song. When playing Gittel she’s able to speak in another accent to resemble an Arabian old woman with a hunchback. Tova Katz is amazingly multi-talented and her acting is very believable.

The fresh Fruit Festival at The Wild Project was very welcoming and provided a great service to its audience. The costumes displayed in the production were beautiful and suited each role. The hair and cowboy boots worn by Tova Katz added realism to her role as Dina. The costume for Medusa was absolutely gorgeous, I loved it. One thing that stood out to me in this play was the amount of  audience engagement. Most of the lines were aimed directly at the viewers creating a  bond between the actor and its audience. The lighting was plentiful however there were some minor mic issues but overall it was still a very enjoyable production.

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