Ashley Khan attended IRTE’s birthday for Jamie in Happy Birthday Stupid Kid


IRTE’s latest entry at MITF was a magnificent comedy show. It was Jamie’s birthday and he was turning 12. Of course at a birthday party you have different types of games. So in Jamie’s birthday party, he had a puppet show, a singer, and a three-headed psychic. It turned out to be a fantastic birthday. To spice it up IRTE’s trademark was in full swing … interaction with the audience.



20664657_1632156650135849_4683008464882262619_nI personally love when the characters interact with the audience. It energizes the audience, keeps us on our toes, and thanks to abundant balloons and candy, puts you at the event itself. I’m usually a shy person but that night they made me feel comfortable when being on stage.




Instead of actual puppets coming to the birthday party, my sister and I were asked to make puppets and so we did. If I could watch the show again I would, I absolutely loved how detailed and creative they all were. Each character had their own tone of voice and knew when and how to use it.


IRTE (Nanette Deasy Baumgardner, Curt Dixon, Jamie MaloneySam KatzConnie PerryMike Hauschild, with musical guest, John Munnelly, all directed by Robert Baumgardner) is simply one of the finest improv troupes today!

Photos courtesy of Evie Aronson

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