Miss Anne’s Plan was a good one.

Wrda Hussain reviews Sondra Lees’ production of Miss Anne’s Plan

annes-planThis piece followed a series of stories erupting from Anne’s life dealing with kids. Throughout the play we are told various stories that present to us the relationships between a  caretaker and a child. The experiences she’s dealt with really depict the nature of children.  Each story conveys a different aspect to a child’s growth. We see Anne Pasquale dealing with kids on a everyday basis and how she moves from being a teacher, to nanny, or to babysitting and we acquire an insight about the lives lead by children through an adults perspective.

Anne Pasquale’s acting was rather interesting to see, the way she changed from one character to another to depict other roles. The presence she gave off on stage was very realistic, it didn’t feel like much of a production but rather a speaker talking to a group of people.

Something that I realized was the audience engagement in this play.

Whenever an audience member walked in late she would break out of character and greet them and give a little back story of what she was saying, similar to how a teacher would if a student was late to class. This particular detail really helped create a strong bond between the actor and her audience. The script were well-written and Anna suited each role with great intensity.

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