AT THE SHOW: Industry speaks about Rev. Mary at Don’t Tell Mama

Words4Music & DramaQueens
covered the premiere of
Rev. Mary is the Lady in Black
at one of the jewels of New York nightlife
Don’t Tell Mama cabaret theater
on Saturday.

The industry accolades are still reverberating so
Five-Star has given the Rev. another page!

Classical Harpist, Richard Spendio:

“Magnificent Performance! Flawless musicianship! And a thoughtful choice of great songs brought to life by the profound beauty and depth of [Rev. Mary’s] voice! Brava!”



Renowned Entertainment Personality, Tym Moss35142522_2096550433949422_6698512384471859200_n.jpg

“Gotta get me some more Mary Elizabeth Micari!”




Award-Winning Playwright, Doug DeVita:

“Whether dressed in black, or I suspect, pink (which she hints she may be in her next show), Mary Elizabeth Micari exudes a humorous, sexy confidence even as she reveals her most heartbreaking experiences in both word (excerpts from her diaries), and song (a set of well-chosen jazz and blues standards.) Her voice, every single note perfectly placed and produced, pours out of her like the silkiest, best bourbon; intoxicating, yes, but leaving one not with a hangover, but with the warm glow of a night well spent with a good friend, and looking forward to another generous pour.”


Legendary Cabaret Artist, Marilyn Maye, attended the premiere.



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