Good Side

FToNMnhg.jpgTwo Sides  written and Directed by Alexandra Siladi

Planet Connections Theater Festivity @The Clemente, 107 Suffolk Street, NYC

Review by Stephanie Schwartz

Alexandra Silardi has created a story that evolves as the actors change in front of us.   The opening scene sets up an interview/interrogation between a detective, played very well by Sarah Grace Sanders, and her prisoner, played very forcefully by Grant Harrison.  At first, we are not quite sure of their relationship.

When the scene shifts smoothly to Tanya and Mimi we learn more about all the characters and their interwoven lives.  These characters are portrayed nicely by Tori Smith and Vivian Valeria.

All the cast and crew did a very good job using a small space to the best of their ability considering the air conditioner was so loud!

Other than that, I really had a nice time watching this story unfold!

Can two sides ever tell the whole story? The program asks us.  Come and see if you can answer for yourself.

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