Great Show Under the Sun

2018-05-12_TYOTSE 459 (1).jpgThe Year of the Solar Eclipse written and directed by Aileen Kyoko

Planet Connections Theatre Festivity @The Clemente, 107 Suffolk Street, NYC

Review by Stephanie Schwartz

Three friends get together to view a solar eclipse in Angelina’s apartment.  The apartment is where they always meet and exchange life’s events.  During the play they experience a lifetime of self-discovery.  Their relationships meld, strain and reconnect as they go through love found,  love lost, betrayal and reconciliation.

The cast gave a wonderful performance: Sea Shimooka,  Ashleen Rowan, Connie Saltzman, Natasha Hakata, Michael Coppola, Cornelius McMoyler, Matthew Ramirez and Ezra Bynum.   Each character was clearly defined and made their relationship striking.  Connie Saltzman, (as Ivy) wrote and performed a lovely song, “Broken” which was a lament about her feelings of loss and betrayal.  The song enhanced the storytelling. The supporting characters fleshed out the story in this well-written play.  At times I was disturbed/distracted by the comings and goings of so many characters in a short time and small space, but it all came together by the conclusion of the play.

All the production values were effective.  The set is nicely decorated, and the simple prop and light changes augmented the different scenes.

Great show overall.  Highly recommend it.

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